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May 24, 2022

We are excited to start building our community here. Up until now we had been building the community inside facebook and discord, we will begin to phase out of that and share everything here!

Let's start by having everyone introduce themselves!


  1. Where do you live?

  2. What kind of basses do you have?

  3. What is your main goal with the Ozone Community?

September 12, 2022
• Edited (Sep 12, 2022)
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The Mango Jam is a Rochester-borne collective of NY-based songwriters, performers, artists & creatives working tirelessly to democratize the music industry, functioning as an independently operated incubator for grassroots collaboration.

A springboard for emerging recording artists & musical performers, Mango Jam supports various aspects of music production, promotion, distribution & beyond.

Generally, we delight in supporting local students of music, blossoming songwriters, recording artists, music producers, and overall lovers of creative expression.

Our aim is to provide a wellspring of resources for a variety of artists as well as existing organizations showing an interest in engaging within the community via creative expression — and we’re dedicated to creating truly inclusive & equitable outcomes that help preserve and amplify local, artistic creations. 🤝

April 11

Anyone from ozone hitting fall tour dates?! Can't wait!

April 04

See you tonight!

August 24, 2022

Happy birthday Oteil! Stoked to see you on the Oteil & friends tour in St. Louis! I hope you enjoy your birthday!